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Artistic suites

As a shop full of artists, we love the opportunity to make something unique for our customers. For some people, the venue is very important to them. For others, their dog has to be featured in their suite. Wherever your heart lies, let us know and we'll brainstorm on how to include some custom-made imagery for you. 

Some of your most sought–after imagery is Portland based:

  • St. Johns bridge

  • Broadway

  • Morrison

  • Vista

  • Sellwood

  • Ross Island

  • Sauvie Island

  • Steel 

  • Hawthorne

  • Burnside

  • Fremont

  • Tilikum

  • Waterfront

Pricing for new drawings is based on the estimated amount of time necessary to complete the project. Most drawings are around $200, depending on complexity.

Samples are available in our shop - you are welcome to stop by anytime to take a look! Appointments are encouraged if you are looking to place an order so that a designer can be available to guide you through all your options. Simply call or email the shop to reserve your time slot. We look forward to chatting. 


Portland bridges and waterfront 

Brooklyn bridge

Vancouver, B.C.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Madison, Wisconsin

Mississippi River Bridge

Hawaii imagery


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