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Simply select your paper & shape

For the bride looking for a timeless invitation, this is a great addition to your suite. Enclosure pockets are also very beneficial if you are having multiple events, have many guests coming from out of town, or just have a multitude of items you want to share!

Here at Anders we've designed several different styles to fit your needs (see list on the right). All you have to do is select the paper you like and we'll cut them out using our vintage letterpress machine. You can pick them up all assembled and ready to go!

Samples are available in our shop - you are welcome to stop by anytime to take a look! Appointments are encouraged if you are looking to place an order so that a designer can be available to guide you through all your options. Simply call or email the shop to reserve your time slot. We look forward to chatting. 




Bottom Pocket


Side Pocket


Layer with



Square Layer

with Pocket(s)


Ribbon Pocket


Horizontal Pocket


Teal: Custom Stationery

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